Upload Digital Case Files

Digital Case Submissions

To send your digital case, you can upload your files here. We accept all .STL intraoral scanner files as well as all supporting files. (If a file is not allowed, please send us a message). We also accept cases over email at info@digitalscanlab.com.

Case Management

After creating an account, visit my account to simplify all submissions. You can view case uploads, request a courier, or print a shipping label all with just one click.

Quick Uploader

Use this form for small case files (up to 256mb total). For larger cases, please contact us.

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Maximum file size: 256 MB


To use your iTero® scanner to upload directly to us from your scanner, follow the instructions below to setup Digital Scan Lab in your iTero scanner:

  1. Call 800-577-8767
  2. Select Option 1
  3. Request for them to add Digital Scan Lab to your scanner.
  4. Provide our account number to verify the correct lab: 40981
  5. Once Digital Scan Lab has been added, restart the scanner
  6. Select Digital Scan Lab on your scanner to upload scans.
For all digital cases, including the scanners above, we also accept the files through our uploader on this page or by emailing the case directly to us at info@digitalscanlab.com.